We're back with another Issue of views, reviews and loads of waffle. With the 50th Anniversary just a matter of weeks away, this Issue provides all Doctor Who fans with a somewhat silly companion piece for the present time.

In this Issue:

  • Reviews of the latest Doctor Who episodes
  • Thanks Matt Smith - we say goodbye to Doctor #11
  • Cyberman No3 - with a Five Doctors twist
  • Review of the Doctor Who Proms (or 'Prom' if you're being pedantic)
  • Peter Capaldi - our take on the casting

Plus Much More

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Issue 13


Seeing as we're a fanzine of Doctor Who, we've time-travelled into the past to present you with March's Issue 13. (Or maybe we've travelled back from the future, from the past. I'm not sure what's going on)

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A short Christmas story, with the 6th Doctor and Peri!

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Issue 12


In Issue 12 we have the following:

  • Reviews of Series 7.1 (or whatever you call it)
  • Mary Tamm - The Key To The Key To Time
  • The Doctor and The Ripper - what links The Doctor with Whitechapel's mysterious   murderer?
  • Cyberman No3 - A brand new comic from the pen of the marvellous Mike Pearse
  • To Those We Never Had - A (somewhat vindictive) look at companions who should have been
  • Interview with Whostrology author Michael M. Gilroy-Sinclair
  • Plus much, much more!
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Issue 11


To celebrate the airing of the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who, we're delighted to be able to present the latest Issue of Fish Fingers and Custard for you to download for FREE!

This has got nothing to do whatsoever with us being late in producing this.

In this Issue we have the following:

  • Tributes to Caroline John and Mary Tamm
  • The Boy Who Kicked Pigs: LIVE! - a review of Tom Baker's book, performed on stage
  • Meet The Fanziners - we chat to a couple of fanzine editors about the state of fanzines and fandom in general
  • The Krotons - Is it as bad as it looks?
  • Is the TV Movie better than the RTD era?

Plus, much, much more

If you'd like to contribute to future Issues of the fanzine, please e-mail us at fishcustardfanzine@googlemail.com

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Issue 10


What connects a blue man, a toilet and Steven Moffat's face?

Why, it's Issue 10 of Fish Fingers and Custard!

Now celebrating two years on the fanzine scene, we continue to bring you all the goings-on in the Doctor Who underground.  Though, we're more Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, than Rat.

In the latest Issue we have:

  • Our view on the casting of Jenna-Louise Coleman
  • Interview with Simon Fisher-Becker aka Dorium Maldovar
  • Six Appeal - what one Doctor means to a young boy
  • Season 18 - A Breath of Life, or A Strangulation?
  • Which Fan Group Are You?
  • Monster In The Bathroom - Our brand new comic!

And much more besides!

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Issue 9


A new year brings new things. Though seeing as how we are extremely lazy, we continue to bring you the same old tat that we usually do.

In Issue 9 of Fish Fingers and Custard, we have the following:

  • Reviews of The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe
  • Where To Start - Which stories would you show to a new fan?
  • Season 6B
  • The BBC Bazaar - We help out BBC Worldwide with some moneymaking ideas
  • Crafty Who - A new section dedicated to fan-made stuff!
  • Cyber Moan - Why are the New Series Cybermen so rubbish?

And much more!

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Issue 8


The final Issue of 2011 - and if the death threats I've been receiving are to be believed - it is the last Issue EVER!

(So we've pulled out all the stops!)

In This Issue

  • Series 6 (Part 2) Reviews
  • Convention reports from London and Sydney!
  • It's Been A Wonderful Adventure - Was The Sarah Jane Adventures a success?
  • The Other Season 12 - What would it be like if Jon Pertwee had have stayed on?
  • Dress Karen Gillan - YOUR chance to finger her knick-knacks
  • And Much More (honest)
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Issue 7


Despite our legal battles with Steven Moffat (we're trying to get more mentions of Fish Fingers and Custard in Doctor Who) we have been busy with a new issue of the fanzine.

We can't believed we've reached 7, and neither can you probably.

Issue 7 contains the following:

  • Whooverville Review and interview with convention organiser Steve Hatcher
  • What Does Doctor Who Mean To Kids?
  • Torchwood: Miracle Day
  • I Love Who: Harry Sedgewick previews a chapter of his new Doctor Who book, exclusively for the fanzine
  • 31 Things Less Painful Than Watching Journey's End

And Much More!

(It isn't as tedious as it sounds)

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Issue 6


Still here and still moidering folk, we've somehow cobbled together another installment of a Doctor Who fanzine that was once lovingly described as a 'Lidl DWM'.  Yes, it's Issue 6 of Fish Fingers and Custard and it can be downloaded now!

In this Issue:
  • Series 6 (Part 1) Reviewed
  • Are You Watching? A breakdown of viewing figures
  • Who's In A (Brass) Band - Doctor Who music, done differently
  • Lis Sladen: A Heart of Gold
  • London Film and Comic Con
  • Pubcon and interviews with Stephen Gallagher, Tom Spilsbury and Dez Skinn

And much more!

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